Christian Lucas Sangoyo

Christian Lucas Sangoyo, is a travel and photography nutcase. 

After lazily spending twenty seven years of his life in the smoky metro, the travel itch came knocking at him after a purchase of a digital camera in September of 2007. 

Lugging along a tonful of photographic equipment, an iPod tuned permanently to a Jack Johnson Ryan Adams playlist and a few pieces of clothing; he treads all the regular byways of the metros and the not-so-regular places far beyond the city limits. Wanting to see everything, he’d rather walk than take a ride. And though he is not a quite the good swimmer, he is particularly fond of water. 

Walk Aim Shoot is a complimentary visual documentary of his travel blog, LAKAD Pilipinas; it showcases the long and short journeys he took, the bumps and stops of the road, the expensive and dirt-cheap chows, the people met along the way and everything else seen in between.

Christian Lucas Sangoyo is available for photo and writing assignments.